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Taiwan Chiayi District Court
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     This court was known as Chiayi Branch of Tainan District Court during Japanese ruling period. After Taiwan's retrocession, Mr. Lin Yu Qiu, the first president of the court,was appointed to take over and re-organize the Court as Tainan District Court of Taiwan, Chiayi Branch on December 22,1945. The areas under the court's jurisdiction covered Chiayi and Yunlin Counties.

     The jurisdiction area of the court was vast, and its population reached more than 1 million. It was proposed that a district court be established ,On March 1,1947,"Chiayi District Court, Taiwan" was set up, and its jurisdiction area still covered Chiayi and Yunlin Counties.

     As Yunlin County had 20 towns and townships, lawsuits increased day by day. On July 1,1964, Yunlin District Court was established and its jurisdiction area covered Yunlin County. On July 1,1980,all district courts were subordinate to the Judicial Yuan.

     On August 20,1990,the President ordered and promulgated that summary proceedings be implemented. On July 1,1991,the court set up summary courts in Chiayi City and Putzu City respectively to handle civil and criminal summary proceedings and cases involving violation of the Law of Maintaining Social Order to accommodate the needs of people.

I. Chiayi Summary Court:

(1) Accepting cases involving civil and criminal summary proceedings of 11 administrative areas, including Chiayi Ciyt and Dalin Township, Minshiung Hsiang, Shikou Hsiang, Shingang Hsiang, Juchi Hsiang, Meishan Hsiang, Alishan Hsiang, Shueishang Hsiang, Chungpu Hsiang, Fanlu Hsiang, and Dapu Hsiang;

(2) Accepting cases involving violation of Law of Maintaining Social Order referred by 1st and 2nd Precinct of Chiayi City Police Bureau, and Minshiung Precinct, Shueishang Precinct, Juchi Percinct, and Junpu Precinct of Chiayi County Police Bureau.

II. Putzu Summary Court:

(1) Accepting cases involving civil and criminal summary proceedings of 7 administrative areas, including Putzu City, Lioujiau Hsiang, Dungshr Hsiang, Budai Township, Yiju Hsiang, Taibao City, and Lutsau Hsiang;

(2) Accepting cases involving violation of Law of Maintaining Social Order referred by Putzu Precint and Budai Precint of Chiayi County Police Bureau.

Now the jurisdiction arca of the court covers Chiayi County and Chiayi City, with an area of approximately 1,951 square kilometers and a population of approximately 850,000. The industry and commerce of Chiayi City are flourishing, and the population concentrates in the city. Except some administrative areas near Chiayi City which are a little developed and populated, most areas are agricultural townships. The eastern region is mountainous, and Ali Mountain and Jade Mountain, well-known both at home and abroad, are located in this area. The western region is the agricultural zone of the famous Jianan Plain and most residents live on farming. Residents in coastal Dungshr and Budai Township also live on fishery. With rapid social and economic changes, most population of townships concentrate in cities, thus causing various social problems and civil and criminal offenses.

Chiayi District Court has a sincere and simple tradition. Due to years of painstaking operation of predecessors and hard working of colleagues, the court has set up steady foundation and established excellent image. These years, due to social changes, civil and criminal cases have significantly increased, and the case load of the court becomes heavier and heavier. The facilities of the court no longer meet actual needs. Before the said problem is solved, the colleagues of the court will do their best to improve work conditions to create a neat and orderly environment and to work together harmoniously to create better achievement.

     However, judicial reforms and improvements are endless. In particular, when the court is full of trivial affairs, there must be many defects and insufficiencies. Any comment is welcome, and the court will make every effort to make improvement.

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